The last romantics
David Jones

Works of British Neoromanticism

During the Depression and War years, between 1930 and 1955, the Romantic tradition in Britain underwent an extraordinary Renaissance. A distinctive style arose embracing an otherwise diverse group of artists - the British landscape became central to a new nostalgic pastoral vision which was broadly expressed through the language of Cubism - sometime adopted with intellectual and sometimes more decorative aims. celebrates the movement by presenting work by some of the best known figures - Bawden, Minton, Piper, Ravilious, Spencer, Tunnard, Jones, alongside some of its lesser known unsung heroes such as Kenneth Rowntree, Charles Mahoney, John Bolam, Roy Turner Durrant, Humphry Spender, Harold Hitchcock, and Kathleen Guthrie.

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Rachel Reckitt   Raymond Sheppard   David Jones
  John Tunnard
Audrey O Bridgeman John Minton   Roy Turner Durrant   David Evans
Eric Ravilious Harold Hitchcock   Kathleen Guthrie   Francis Littna